Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We're here!!! Finally! Brent, Noah and I have settled into our new home and we just adore it! It is such a peaceful, special place - not many like it. We have been enjoying coffee on the front porch in the morning and sunsets under the jasmine in the evening. We've only been here for one week, but it feels like we've been here forever - the perfect place for the Carnathan family!

The past few months have been busy ones... living in a one bedroom apartment after our house sold, a trip to Florida for job searches, buying our beautiful home, attending the Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration, and celebrating Brent's 30th Birthday! Brent's party was held at Tombigbee State Park in Tupelo, MS and we celebrated with friends and family. We caught up with the Dick cousins, Gran, Aunt Jackie, the Parrott and Black families, the Whites, the Kellys, and other friends. Brent had a hard time blowing out all those candles. :-) Noah finally got to meet Avery White, Kelly and Micah's daughter, who was amazingly born on the same day as Noah! They LOVED each other! Noah had his first kiss! They were adorable together. Weston and Noah got to spend some QT together too!

Noah is almost 7 months, and is sitting up well. He continues to be the light of our lives! He laughs and smiles all the time! He loves his new house, and is so glad to have his nursery back! I just can't believe that my baby is getting so big... time really does fly.

It's been a whirlwind, and now that we are mostly unpacked it's time to breath again. Saying goodbye to friends and family in Tennessee and Mississippi was hard and we will miss all of you greatly. We hope to visit soon and are open to company any time!

I think that Noah is just as glad to be HOME.

Brent's 30th Birthday!

My best girls and our precious ones!

Hard to believe we've been best buds for 12 years now...

Parrotts and Carnathans

It was SO great to see Kelly and Micah, and meet sweet Avery!
Noah and Avery, March 5th babies, meet for the first time! I missed the moment they actually kissed!!!

Catching up the Laurie, Henry and the boys!

Saying goodbye to Sarah... AND getting excited about baby Bennett! He'll be here soon! Can't wait to meet him!

Noah... 6 1/2 months!

Tennessee Walking Horse Celebration

Astor Trip in August