Tuesday, May 26, 2009

4th Anniversary!

Brent and I traveled to Mississippi for our 4th anniversary. It is hard to believe that four years have passed since our wedding! We decided to go back to Starkville to celebrate where our life together began. We stayed at the Comfort Suites right off of campus, where our first night as a married couple was spent. We took a long walk on the MSU campus that evening, and had such a wonderful time! The place was empty, and we had it all to ourselves. We had a great time rembemering our college experience there! Noah slept through most of the walk, but I know that he felt right at home. :-) We even got to go out to dinner that night - first time for the "three" of us - at Old Venice, an old favorite. The next morning we went to City Bagel, a place where I spent half of my college life pouring over studies with a cup of coffee in hand! It was so nice to be back there! After breakfast, Noah got to meet the Starkville Blairs. It was so much fun introducing him to Great Uncle Ben and Great Aunt Alyson, as well as his cousins! Johanna even got to feed him his bottle.

The next stop was Tupelo. We had a relaxing weekend visiting with Omi and Papaw. Noah got to meet Great Gran for the first time, and she thought he was the most beautiful baby ever! We went to West Jackson Street Baptist Church on Sunday morning, and Brent and I got a date night to ourselves on Sunday night! Uncle Jeremy and Aunt Whitney also stopped by for a visit. It was a fabulous weekend!

Celebrating 4 years together... we think we'll go for 4 more!

Back on the campus of MSU!!

A future Bulldog???

Walking across the Drill Field with Noah was a special time... brought back many memories. Seems like just yesterday I was walking across as a college student!

Brent dreaming about his next Bulldog game... maybe they'll even win!

Funny Daddy!

Chapel of Memories...

Comfort Suites, where we kicked off our Honeymoon! This time, there were three people in our room. :-)

YAY! City Bagel!

Noah's breakfast nap at City Bagel - so sweet!

Great Uncle Ben

Great Aunt Ally

Cousin Johanna - wasn't that long ago I was feeding you a bottle!!

Great Gran meets Noah... she thought that he was the perfect weight! :-) :-)

Daddy time

Omi, Brent and Noah on Sunday morning

Uncle Jeremy got lots of smiles... Noah thought his facial hair was AWESOME!

Whitney, you'll make a great mother... maybe sometime soon???

All in all, Noah thought his Mississippi vacation was a blast!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Big Boy Clothes!

Noah is growing into his big boy clothes... and isn't he handsome??? He gets cuter by the day!

We definately don't need an alarm clock now that we have Noah! And who would care when it's this face that wakes you!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

I can't believe that Noah is already almost 2 1/2 months old! He had his checkup and shots today... he was such a brave little guy. Cried only for a minute! I feel bad for his little legs, though! He is such a big boy - 90th percentile in height and 75th in weight. He weighs 12.5 pounds and is outgrowing clothes fast! Noah's favorite thing to do is play with mommy and daddy. He laughs, coos and goos. He thinks it's funny when mommy eats his hand, and he loves to sniff when it's windy or you blow on his face! He is such a happy boy! Noah also got to meet his Aunt Piper last week.

My first Mother's Day was wonderful - not because we did anything special, but I just am so thankful to be a mother. Last year I was praying hard that I would be a mommy this year. Noah is such an answered prayer for us! Just the thought of him warms my heart and makes me smile. Being a mother is the best!!

Big smiles!

A very happy Mother's Day!

Visiting with Auntie Pips!


Daddy smooches!
I am SO BIG!