Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We had a nice and relaxing weekend, and Noah got to celebrate his first Easter. It's hard to believe that he is 6 weeks old! He is such a cool little guy! Brent and I are seeing more and more personality developing every day. We get lots of smiles when his tummy is full!
Over that last two weeks, we have had several visitors. Noah got to meet his Aunt Betsy and new best friend Weston! Weston thinks that Noah tastes really good (as you'll see in the pictures below!) :-). Noah also got to meet Mary and Bill Platte, his honorary grandparents! They are traveling cross-country and stopped in for the night. It has been great seeing everyone!
Weston tastes Noah!

Mary and Bill

Noah is practicing for his first trip to Alaska!

Mommy and Daddy kisses... he gets plenty of them :-)

Noah falls asleep on Brent's chest every night. Brent sometimes falls asleep too...

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Noah goes to Astor!

Well, we survived our first trip with a baby! Noah was such a trooper - a great traveler. Brent and I are learning that there is quite a bit more to pack with a newborn!! We had such a great time with Grammy and Granddaddy in Astor. Noah got to meet Uncle Tal and Great Granna too... they all agree that he is one special baby! Among his many talents to date, Noah has started smiling! He thinks that his daddy is especially funny. :-) We continue to adore our son and thank God for each and every second with him!

He smiles!!

Mommy time :-)

Great Granna LOVED her great-grandson!!

Grammy loves to rock Noah and sing him little songs.

Granddaddy is a pro at dancing Noah to sleep!

Uncle Tal meets Noah! He burst into a chorus of "What child is this..." Tal has a song for every occasion. :-)