Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Baby Has A Button!

Noah has a belly button! I keep telling him that he is officially a baby now :-). He's growing, growing, growing - and gaining PLENTY of weight. Mommy likes her boy chubby and happy! If it's possible, Brent and I think that he is getting more handsome every day!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

2 weeks old!

Noah is 2 weeks old today! It is hard to believe that so much time has gone by. On the one hand it feels like he has been with us forever, and on the other it feels like we just left the hospital. He is changing so much everyday! We are having more awake time, and even getting the occasional smile :-). Mom and Dad are even starting to get a little more sleep! We think he is the best baby in the world!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

He's Growing!

Noah saw his pediatrician yesterday and is back up to 8 pounds - he gained 5 ounces in 4 days. Dr. Townsend said he looked fantastic. :-) Nursing is going much better with the help of a breast shield. Noah has also made it through his first two baths, and while he doesn't love it yet he is tolerating it well. Grammy is staying with us until tomorrow, and then Brent and I are on our own! She has been such a blessing this past week, and we'll be sad to see her go!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The First Days

It is wonderful having Noah at home with us! We are settling into our routine, and Brent and I love being "mommy" and "daddy". We can't get enough of him! He had his first pediatrician visit yesterday, and she said he looks great. Of course, we already knew he was perfect :-). Today, he had his little tongue clipped - a frenulotomy - as he was just a bit tongue-tied. It was more tramatic for his mother, who cried through the whole thing, than it was for Noah! He can now stick out his tongue and is practicing his new sucking movements. We hope this will help with breast-feeding.

All in all, things are going great at the Carnathan household. We love our little blessing, and are so thankful that God has given him to us! Too precious for words!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

He's Here!!

Praise the Lord, Noah has arrived! He was born at 11:43 PM on 3/5/09, weighing in at 8 pounds 2 oz and 21 inches long. Precious doesn't even begin to describe him... he truly is a little miracle. Brent and I are so in love! I had a long day of labor - 18 hours from the start of induction, but it was worth every second. As many of you know, I was planning on having a natural birth. After 11 hours of strong contractions 1-2 minutes apart on pitocin and little progress, I was frustrated and miserable to say the least. After I gave in and got an epidural, they actually halfed the pitocin amount and I started dilating quickly. We were thankful, because it was looking like I was heading towards a c-section. His birth was amazing! Grammy and Daddy Brent were in the room to witness the event. The past 48 hours have been so sweet getting to know this little wonder. Nursing is a work in progress, but we hope to get the hang of it soon. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers! They have been felt, answered, and appreciated!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Still Waiting...

It's March 1st! This means that little Noah has missed his birth month completely :-). That's okay... we'll take him whenever! It is a beautiful day outside today - sunny with snow on the ground. Gilly especially likes playing and rummaging through the snow.
We are still anxiously waiting for Noah, although the few extra days he is taking has made things a bit easier for my family. My grandfather passed away on Noah's due date, and although he will be greatly missed, I know that he is happy to be with my Granny. Brent and I are humbled with the sometimes painful circle of life... as one family member takes his last breath, another gets ready to take his first. "Granddaddy Sr's" legacy will carry on... We love you, Granddaddy and miss you already!

I will keep everyone updated about a possible induction date next week...