Monday, July 6, 2009

4 Months and Still Growing!

Can you believe our little boy is 4 months old???? He is getting more fun by the day! Noah is such a happy baby - loves to smile and talk to his mommy and daddy. We set up a baby pool in the backyard and have had several dips so far this summer. Noah is also starting to enjoy his tummy-time... something I was beginning to think would never happen! And... he starts solid food tomorrow! Stay tuned for funny pictures of Noah's first meal. :-)

We continue to adore our son... How blessed are we!!!

July 5th, Noah's 4 month birthday!

That smile melts my heart. :-)

Noah having tummy-time on his TummyTime Whale!

Pool fun in the backyard!

Naptime with Grammy's special snuggly. :-)