Saturday, June 6, 2009

Noah's 3 month Birthday!

We celebrated Noah's 3 month birthday (June 5th) yesterday. He laughed and waved his chubby little arms when we sang "Happy Birthday" to him and blew out his 3 candles! Noah also met his first girlfriend, Kate Pennel. He thought she was so pretty, and gazed at her all evening! It was a fun night of celebrating the precious little boy. :-)

It's hard to believe that he's already 3 months old. Noah is definately coming into his own, and is developing the sweetest personality. He laughs and giggles, and has discovered his voice. And... he slept from 8:30 PM until 6:30 AM last night!! We dropped his late night feeding, and he slept like a champ!

Noah had his first visit to the pool! He took a quick dip, then a nice pool-side nap. Mommy even got to sunbathe a little! Last weekend, we had a visit from the Parrott family - Betsy, Will and Weston! It was so great to see them and get the boys together. Betsy and I know they will be best friends. :-)

Celebrating 3 months with our Noah!

Noah's first girlfriend - lookout, he goes for older women!

First time at the pool!

"I want to tell you something..."

Noah loves his Bumbo seat, and is practicing sitting up like a big boy!

Mommys love their little boys. :-)

Betsy and Weston - SO cute! Weston is getting so big and is already crawling! Isn't he a handsome little guy???